Camelion Doctor's Pen Light

Price: $12.95

Sale Price: $7.00

Prod. Code: BGSC-DL2AAAS

This light by Camelion offers continuous peak performance and the bulb is engineered for advanced long life. The bright precision focus allows you to see a small area very well because the light is concentrated into a beam. The convenient pocket clip ensures you will not lose your slim penlight and the push button on/off switch offers security against battery drain. The durable aluminum body is made from the same material aircraft are made from so durability and dependability are certain.

The pen light requires 2 AAA batteries which are included. Ideal for your toolbox, auto, camping gear and emergency kits or make a great gift for doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers and technicians. .55 pounds each, Item BGSC-DL2AAAS