Boxed Smokeless Indoor Stove Top Barbecue Grill

Price: $24.95

Sale Price: $7.50

Prod. Code: DSI-105

This 12.5" smokeless, indoor, stove top grill with iron plate is made by Kitchen Pride™. This grill works on standard electric, gas, or propane stoves. The water-filled outer ring catches fat and juices during cooking, eliminating smoke and splattering. Benefits of using this indoor grill are many. Food is more flavorful because grilling sears meats and vegetables quickly and locks in flavor. Wine, garlic or other seasonings can be added directly to the water to add subtle flavor. Its also very fast because grilling cuts cooking time significantly! The non-stick surface insures easy clean up! Last but certainly not least this can all be done indoors! When wanting a healthy, flavorful, fast and easy meal, this grill is the best! This product comes in a full color gift box. 1.65 lbs. each