24 pc Wholesale Flashlights & Display

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Prod. Code: F2AA24

Each set of 24 wholesale flashlights features 6 red, 6 blue, 6 black and 6 yellow flashlights.  These super bright all purpose flashlights are perfect for any vehicle, garage, house, office or emergency kit; as well as have hundreds of other places to use. At $2.00 per flashlight, these make excellent give-a-ways in your employee or customer reward program.

This flashlight is a precision instrument.  All parts of the lights have been engineered to fit together easily.  The durable switch will provide hundreds, if not thousands of hassle free ons and offs.  The shatter proof lens will help protect the light from falls, mishandling and bumps against other objects.  The high intensity beam provides enough light to see in pitch black dark and is brighter than ordinary penlight. The Patented Fresnel lens focuses light to its maximum brightness.  The final feature is a handy fold away hang ring that allows you to put your flashlight virtually anywhere.  Each flashlight uses two AA batteries (not included.) Each flashlight measures 5-3/4".

Flashlights are needed everywhere for thousands of reasons.  Don't be caught without one when it's needed most. 

3.75 pounds each, Item F2AA24