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Bookkeeping, Tax Return, Web Design, Resume, Research, etc.  


You can conveniently make an online payment 24 hours a day, seven days a week for BGGE Virtual Administrative Services.  BGGE gladly accepts major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and PayPal.  For your security, payments are processed through PayPal; however, a PayPal account is not needed to make a purchase.  Checks, money orders, and cash are also acceptable payment options.  Contact me to discuss these other payment options.

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If you have found our FREE resources useful, please donate a dollar or two.

  Donations - Countless, sleepless nights and hundreds of hours have been spent researching and, sometimes, testing quality resources, products, and services to include at BGGE.   If you have found this site useful, please consider donating a dollar or two for a cup of coffee or to help offset my web hosting charges.  

Directory Ad Enhancement Subscriptions

You will not be charged to add your link in any of BGGE Directories.  Likewise, BGGE does not pay for back (reciprocal links).  However, If you wish make your ad more visible to visitors, you can enhance your directory ads with your logo, badge, banner image, and/or html. 

To be spotlighted as a featured partner, subscribe.  If upgrading, you must unsubscribe first from the in-line ad enhancement service first, and then sign up for the new service.  In-line ad enhancement is part of the featured partner package.

Click the appropriate button to subscribe.  Use the contact me form for instructions on how to submit your logos, badges, banner images, and/or html.

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Gift Certificates - If you wish to purchase gift certificates - click here.  

NOTE:  No shipping fees or taxes will be charged for these type of payments.  Contact me if you experience any problems.
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