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Road To SuccessBG&G Enterprises offers high quality, cost effective freelance professional administrative support – web design, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and other document preparation services – to businesses and individuals.  Local and virtual clients are guaranteed accurate, reliable, confidential, and personalized customer service. 

Home-based, BG&G Enterprises delivers high quality work at a fraction of the cost to hire a local firm or an on-site employee.  As a testament to customer satisfaction, 95% of BGGE’s clientele has been built on word-of-mouth referrals.

BGGE’s commitment to its clients doesn’t end with the sale of services.  An information-oriented service provider, one-on-one micro-business coaching and user training is available upon request.  Through BGGE.com, clients and visitors can readily access free and low-cost resources 24 hours a day.

BGGE also offers a diverse selection of wholesale business gifts.  Easy gift certificate purchase and redemption makes BGGE’s “Pick Your Own Gift” Program ideal for the busy entrepreneur who has little time to shop or a company wishing to implement a cost-effective customer loyalty or employee reward program.

BG&G Enterprises specializes in helping micro-business owners start, grow, and succeed in their home-based, internet, or brick and mortar business venture without breaking the piggy bank.  However, busy job seekers, students, and other individuals are the largest group of consumers seeking administrative services and resources.  BGGE’s ultimate mission is to provide high quality, low cost solutions to help all clients achieve success — regardless of the endeavor.


About BJ Gray, Virtual Administrative Assistant

BJ Gray Profile - squareI am a veteran entrepreneur and seasoned office professional with more than 40+ years of diverse experience in office administration, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and sales with expertise in the areas of project development and management, executive and personal assistance, creative and technical writing, and computer and math tutoring. Professionally, I spent the first 20 years working in the health-care field, but I have also worked in the tax preparation, education, and non-profit fields, as well.

The I,I,I's

Results-oriented, I am an analytical and creative problem solver.  I consider myself to be an information broker. I love to learn, and I love to share what I learn.  With degrees in Biology, Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Technology Management, and Industrial Electronics, I am a certified manufacturing technologist and tax specialist. 

My Nerdy Side

In my down time, you'll probably find me reading a novel, browsing an electronics magazine, binge watching old episodic programs, or playing Sims 2.  A DIY home improvement hobbyist, you are just as likely to find me watching a home improvement show, repairing a leaking faucet, or installing a new light fixture.

What Drives Me

I have held strong interests in a number of things for as long as I can remember.  To explore all of them successfully, I have had to put in some long hours.  At one point, I held both a full-time and part-time job,  operated my own weekend thrift store --- while attending school as a full-time student. 

My family and friends say I am a work-a-holic and perfectionist.  I prefer to think of myself as driven.  Long ago, I vowed to pursue as many of my career interests and entrepreneurial dreams as possible, so that I could look back on my life with few regrets. I also vowed that regardless of the task, I would give it my best effort.

My Passion

I am passionate about helping others succeed. 

BG&G Enterprises allows me to do just that by using the administrative, managerial, and technical skills that I acquired from my professional career track and formal education.

BGGE.com was launched in 2002 when an accident forced me to change the way I worked. As a virtual administrative assistant, I was able to continue to do the type of work that I loved while offering my services to a larger potential client base. 

Through BGGE.com, I found my passion


  • To provide cost-effective professional services and free and low cost resources to small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.
  • To provide reliable, confidential, and personalized customer care.
  • To provide micro-business owners with the tools, understanding, and support to start and grow their business.


  • To provide high quality, low cost solutions to help all clients achieve success --- regardless of their endeavor.


  • 40 years - Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Bookkeeper
  • 30 years - Income Tax Specialist
  • 20 years - Schedule C & Itemization Specialist
  • 15 years - Computer & Math Tutor
  • 10 years - Web Design
  • 5 years - Real Estate Assistant
  • 1 year - Education Coordinator
  • 1 year - Social Case Manager

I've presented this extensive bio in an effort to get you to know the real BJ Gray.  But the best way of doing that is to contact me so that we can have a live one-to-one conversation about your administrative support project!
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