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What others are sayingThe testimonials presented here have been selected from emails I have received or comments left on BGGE website by clients, business associates, and visitors.

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I contracted BGGE Web Design to set up my web site over a year ago for a new business that I was developing.  Because I work a lot of overtime on my regular job, I am sometimes negligent about furnishing BJ with the information needed to complete my site.  I can count on her to put me back on track or go ahead and complete the task herself.  Her business coaching has been invaluable in the development of my online business.  I was so impressed with her business knowledge and professionalism that I not only commissioned her to build a website for my brother, but hired her as my tax preparer.

M. Austin, Owner - Ms Annies Gourmet Spices & Recipes

"Excellent web design services!  Originally, I started out with a three page site, and as my vision changed for the company, Ms Gray was there to make the necessary revisions and additions.  She even selected the perfect logo for my company.   Her compassion and commitment to entrepreneurialship is as deep as mine, so I did not hesitate to suggest a joint venture for future projects."

A. Moye, Owner & Business Developer

BGGE Web Design exceeded my expectations.  I wanted a website to provide information for established & potential clients and  to showcase my work.  My clients are always raving about the convenience of being able to go online to check my schedule, buy products, and see styles they would like to try.  I love being able to keep them informed through my newsletter.  The greatest benefit of all has been the movie offers I have received.  Small movies so far, but ultimately I think my website will help me find larger projects in the entertainment industry.

Update o1/31/14 - Thanks for the redesign work throughout the years, and teaching me to maintain my own site.

R. Carr, Freelance Hair Stylist-Colorist-Educator, HairRox.com

I just wanted to say you have a nice website and all the resources on it are amazing! I've bookmarked it because I'd like to have a site like yours some day soon!

B. Schmillen, Network Marketing Professional

Wow, We really like your website, we found lots of interesting information. You have a well built website with good links that are easy to follow. keep up the great work. We will soon be back to visit again.

Jack & Arnett, www.dream-business.ws
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T. Hekor
Very attractive site! Keep up the impressive work.
I love your web site!, keep up the good work and I'll make sure to tell all my friends about you!
From Bill

A very nicely done website. I like the presentation of your products. Congratulation on your grand opening and best of luck.

Richard, Megatonloh