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BGGE offers administrative and general office support to business owners and individuals.  It is a well-known fact that small business owners, especially sole proprietors, often wear several hats to stay competitive.  However, if performing all these jobs take them away from what they need to be doing most  --- growing their business --- then, they are setting themselves up for failure.  By outsourcing some of these tasks to BGGE, you will have the time to manage your business more efficiently.

But business owners are not the only ones who can benefit from BGGE Virtual Administrative Services.  
  BGGE Admin & Back Office Support
At some point, everyone - job seekers, students, workers, homemakers - gets overwhelmed.  The lack of time, expertise, or interest are the usual culprits.  So, lessen the chaos and gain control of your life with BGGE Professional Services.

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  • Appointments & Meetings (Scheduling & Reminder Service)
  • Bookkeeping (Project or Monthly)
  • Business Plans & Proposals
  • Exam Preparation & Tutoring* (College Entrance, Military - ASVAB, Subject Specific - English, Math, etc.) 
  • Computer Maintenance & Virus Clean Up*
  • Computer Software & HardwareTraining* (Proprietary & General)
  • Correspondence Management (Personal & Business Emails, Letters, Voice mail)
  • Customer Service Conflict Resolution (Credit Card Companies, Medical Bills, Customer Bad Debts)
  • Database Management & Maintenance
  • Documentation Preparation & Tutoring* (Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets)
  • eFax Service (In-coming & Out-going)
  • Employment Skills Development / Computer Training
  • Online Gift Shopping (Comparison, Recommendations, Order Placement)
  • Research (Academic & Internet)
  • Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Tax Preparation & Audit Response (IRS, State, & County)
  • Trips & Accommodations (Scheduling & Booking)
  • Web Design / Branding / Marketing (Domain Name Set-up, Training, Maintenance, SEO Optimization)

* Only accepting local inquires at this time.

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