How A Website Is a Business Asset 
Benefits for the Micro-Business Owner

 /l/1700/1786_s.jpgA website is an essential business asset that can benefit a micro-business owner in numerous ways.  A business website can "legitimize" your company and you in the minds of your customers and clients, as well as potential employees, business partners, and/or investors.  In today's computer savvy world, many people search the internet before deciding to do business with you.  A well-developed website conveys professionalism, trust, and credibility.

A business website is a great communication tool.  Providing vital information about your products and services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, you can also interact with your customers and/or staff via live chat, newsletters, blogs, message boards, or other interactive media.   For example, you can avoid repeating the same infomation over and over with a "frequently asked questions" page  or misunderstandings about refunds with a  "store policy" page.   An events calendar page can be used to announce upcoming sales promotions or staff meetings.  

 /l/images/32137317.jpgA business website is also a cost-effective promotional tool.  Cheaper than the yellow pages and most print ads, you can avoid the of set-up, publishing, and distribution costs and delays normally associated with traditional print media.  Changes and updates can be made easily, quickly, and free of charge. Don't get me wrong. The use of business cards, flyers, company brochures, as well as news, television, and radio media, and your website is a formidable marketing strategy mix.  It is just that a website allows you stretch your advertising dollars further.

A website allows the micro-business owner to not only compete locally, but nationally and globally.  Usually cost-prohibitive by any other means, you can promote your site free or at a low cost via online classifieds, directories, social media, niche communities, and various other platforms.  And unlike offline advertising media, results can be directly measured --- often in real-time.

Because of the low startup and operational costs, a business website appeals to both the "newbie" freelancer wishing to showcase their talent and the veteran entrepreneur wishing to add a complementary revenue source to their brick and mortar establishment.  On a "shoe-string budget", a micro-business owner can create a virtual gallery or virtual storefront within days instead of months or years, as with a traditional start-up business.

 /l/images/16472928.jpgIn today's slow economy, a business website can provide money-saving benefits for your brick and mortar customers.  By placing an interactive map that provides driving instructions to your place of business will save new customers the cost, time, and inconvenience associated with getting lost.  By placing an online catalog on your site will help customers save gas, time, and the hassle of searching through aisles of merchandise.  And by providing online payment options, hopefully your busy customers will show their appreciation for these money saving benefits and the convenience of shopping from the comfort and privacy of their home by placing a large order.

Like any other business asset, a well constructed website adds value to your company.  It is not an expense.  Let BGGE Web Design help you get started with a well constructed website today. 

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