What It Takes to Get Your Business On-line 
How BGGE Web Design Helps You Get Started
by BJ Gray


1.  Get a Custom (Personalized) Domain Name -

  • A domain name is the text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a company's computer on the Internet.  For example, http://www.bgge.com is the address of this website. Click for Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name
  • BGGE Web Design will perform the technical setup - FREE.   Some hosting service providers may also provide free custom domain name registration, but restrictions may apply.

2.  Decide Who Will Build It -

  • Build it yourself.  With many of today's easy website builders, there is nothing to download .... just type, format, and save to publish.  Other website builders dictate that you to use a web page editor and FTP (file transfer protocol) software to upload pages to their server to publish it.  This option is not very user-friendly for some beginners. And customization may be a problem with both type of website builders if your are not familiar with html coding.   
  •  Have it professionally built.  A custom built page website may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  It depends on what you want - informational/brochure website vs. database driven website vs. e-commerce website.  Some web designers charge a flat rate per page or project, while others may charge by the hour.  It is not unusual for a website designer to charge $50 an hour, billed at 10 minute increments.  Dependent on the quality of work and the time involved, the fee may not be unreasonable.  Believe me, website design can be quite labor-intensive.  Just Google and compare costs. 
  • Let BGGE Web Design build it.   Not only will I build it for you, I will personally coach you through the crucial aspects of promoting & maintaining your website.  It is my goal to create a website that is a geninue business asset for your company.         

3.  Select a Hosting Plan -           

  • In simple terms, a web hosting service provides individuals and organizations with an on-line system for storing, maintaining, and publishing information, images, video, etc.  The service provider offers hosting plans with a set number of features and functionality at a set price.  
  • Signing up for a free hosting plan is typically discouraged for a business website because of the limited features.  Server downtime, lack of security, and non-existent customer support are just some of the draw-backs.  The address of your website is usually the sub-domain of the hosting company.  However, a free hosting plan allows you to "test-drive" some of the features and you can upgrade when you are ready.
  • BGGE Web Design customizes the templates provided by your hosting service provider using your company logo and colors, or I will help you create a visual identity from scratch.  If you have not chosen a hosting service provider, I will help you decide on one based on price, features, server reliability, security,  and customer service.  Your computer expertise and ultimate goal for your website is also a consideration.  

4.  Promote It

  • "If you build it, they will come".  Well, in the internet world, much more is needed. 
  • BGGE Web Design optimizes your web-pages for search engines inclusion during construction.  I will develop and recommend the best promotional strategy for your website's niche.  I will then promote your website FREE for 30 days.    

 5.  Maintain It -

  • Your website requires periodic maintenance after it is built.  Visitors do not stay long on a poorly maintained or out-dated website.  No visitors equals no sales. 
  • Website maintenance includes, but is not limited to - checking for broken links, optimizing your graphics for faster downloads, adding fresh content, and updating web copy and graphics.  Many of today's website builders feature an "user-friendly" control panel, so you may already possess the skills needed to maintain your own site.  However, many site owners do not have the time or inclination to maintain their website.
  • BGGE Web Design will provide FREE maintenance for the first 30 days after the completion of your website.  After that, you have options:  1)  Continue to let BGGE Web Design maintain & promote your site based on an agreed upon monthly fee;  2)   Pay on an as-needed basis; 3) Request on-site training; or  4)  Do it yourself.  
  • Regardless of what plan you choose, subscribe to BGGE Webmaster Newsletter for tips and tools that will help you keep your website fresh and marketable.  "Knowledge is power".



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