Celebrating Back to School Season

BGGE is celebrating "Back to School" season in August and September.  That means I will be dusting off some of my education-related articles and overhauling several channels at bgge.com, especially the Education Center.  As always, please be patient during this "live" revamp.  Come back later if you find broken links, distorted pages, etc.  
During this "Back to School" celebration, I've decided to return to the "social media world" to address some of my client's questions - "educate them".   I'm currently developing  hashtags to cover the wide range of BGGE topics.
Many of my clients, family, and friends have asked why I've not been active for the past year.  There are several reason why I unplugged, but the main one is that I've been busy working on several time-sensitive client projects, as well as my two other websites.  The details will be announced in future posts.   
Have you finished shopping for school clothes, supplies, and books?  How do you and your family celebrate "back to school"?
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