Happy New Year! BGGE Covid Projects in 2020 and 2021

Happy New Year 2021Happy New Year!   It has always been my aim to provide cost-effective and quality services to my clients.  BGGE has grown over the years because of  them.  For me, success is about more than money and wealth.  It is also about the  friendly and honest relationships that I have developed with my clients and business partners.  With my sincerest gratitude, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!  


At the beginning of 2020, I had big plans for BG&G Enterprises and BGGE.com.  Semi-retired, I wanted to provide more resources to help my clients.  I also wanted to focus on more design, creative writing, and ecommerce projects.  I had already penciled in my editorial calendar and mapped out a year's worth of tasks.   Then, the Covid-19 outbreak changed my priorities.  


As a virtual administrative assistant,  my overall operational procedures were not affected by Covid-19.  More than ninety-eight percent of BGGE clients were already communicating, transmitting documents, and sending payments --- electronically.  Over the last few years, I rarely had person-to-person contact with clients.  And by the end of the summer , I had converted the remaining percent to virtual clients.  In 2021, I will continue to operate under a no-contact policy.


Covid-related projects kept me busy last year.  Personal and business consults increased.  My phone was constantly ringing with clients wanting information about stimulus payments, venting their frustration as they made the adjustment of working from home, or needing help deciding whether to take early retirement.   Unlike me, many of my "business owner" clients were so  adversely affected by Covid-19 that they had to completely change how they operated.  A few had to close their doors permanently.  For those clients, I redesigned a couple of websites, developed the pricing and marketing strategy for an errand service start-up, and successfully wrote a business plan for a  SBA loan to acquire a national franchise. 


Most of my client's Covid-related projects were time-sensitive.  Often running concurrently with my regular bookkeeping projects, it left me with only a limited amount of time to revamp BGGE.com or write about that work.  I was so focused on completing those projects on time, my contact with family, friends, and associates was minimal.  In 2021, I suspect I will continue to work  on Covid-related projects.  I've already planned to showcase 2020-2021 work in BGGE Blog.   But my 2021 New Year's resolution is to achieve a more healthy work-life balance.

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